You cannot depend on your eyes when your   
imagination is out of focus   

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)   

There is no fee for the initial consultation however if a website is commissioned a deposit of 25% will be required. The cost of a site mainly depends on the number pages to be designed and built:

Page Number

Cost per Page


㰡n lang="en-gb">95

2 to 3

㰡n lang="en-gb">70

4 to 6

㰡n lang="en-gb">50

7 to 10

㰡n lang="en-gb">35

11 to 15

㰡n lang="en-gb">25

16 plus

㰡n lang="en-gb">20

These prices assume a fairly normal website with no more than four images per page. More complex sites will be quoted for on an individual basis.

Registration of your own domain name would cost 㰡n lang="en-gb">8 per annum or 䠰er annum for Other domain names are available, please see the full price list for further details.

To host your website within our commercial webspace would cost in the region of 㰡n lang="en-gb">30 - 㰡n lang="en-gb">70 per annum. As this is totally dependant on the size of the site a detailed quote can be supplied once the website has been built.

Changes to the website once the final design has been agreed will be charged at ࠰er page assuming that the design of the page is not fundamentally changed. More complex changes will be quoted for individually.

For a complete list of all our charges please see the full price list.

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